Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photo Timeline of Preschool Construction

The Olave-Ockey Preschool construction is underway!  It is thrilling to watch the marked and determined progress of expert builders, carpenters, masons, and foremen.  Fafetai lasi to Galivaka, our project historian and photographer for capturing each detail as this dream becomes a reality.

There are many updates to share with all of you, our engaged readers.  Your comments and support is greatly appreciated.  Please share our cause with others- we are starting some exciting projects and have great things to report.  As always, if you would like to make a donation to this project, 100% of your generosity goes directly to our initiatives on Funafuti- this is a completely volunteer cause and we have no overhead.

You can view the progress of the school on this entry.  We will soon be posting pictures of our latest trip to Tuvalu, along with short photo essays of each entry.  Stay tuned...

February 24 - Groundbreaking
(Left to right) Kaleb Valdez, Lowell Nash, and Shauna Ockey

Our team traveled to Funafuti to break ground for the new Olave-Ockey Preschool.  The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Education, who offered his remarks and support for this project.  Headmaster Kausele Kaisami shared the distinguished history of her school from its humble beginnings to where she hopes to see it someday soon.  Shauna Ockey spoke and attributed her experience and friendship with Kausele as the main catalyst for her involvement and sponsorship in this undertaking.  Lowell Nash shared a dedicatory prayer that he had authored beforehand. A copy of this prayer will be made available at a later date.  A shovel was then lifted by Kausele, Shauna, and representatives from the Tuvaluan Education Ministry to turn the first soil for the new preschool.

April 19 - Week 1
The current "umu" (sleep-out) hut that is serving as the Olave Preschool currently.  Under Kausele Kaisami's leadership as headmaster, this school has been teaching children for almost 30 years.
April 26 - Week 2
The team surveys the plot and begins to sink support pylons into the substructure.

May 3 - Week 3
The platform for our new structure begins to take form.

May 10 - Week 4
Walls go up, and it begins to look more like a school.

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